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Binding hon 3b jp books for & So, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, 2014
Lay-flat binding with flaps, laser printed cover


Production for Rachel Simkover: An Anthology of Concrete Poetry (in braille),
Motto Books, 2013
Spiral-bound, braille printed in Leipzig, 76 pages


Production for Michael Dean: UO, Motto Books, Supportico Lopez, 2014
Edition of 500 unique used paperbacks, 10 color plates & 1 thermo printed index inserted


Production for Jean-Michel Wicker: e, Motto Books, 2014
Edition of 38 +2 proofs, oversized "e" stamps (beechwood, acrylic, varnish, silicone), in labeled cardboard box
Paperback book, Motto Books/Donlon Books, 2014

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